“gucci’s all good, chanel is all chummy”

so the gucci sb dunks finally released as “RESN’s” after years of disappointment upon cancelation of of the o.g gucci dunks. these were a quickstrike release meaning very limited quantities were released. saying this, an unofficial campout was due. we waited all night and morning, some for more then 12 hours, one person for about an hour and a half (-_-). its my time, my turn in line to pick my size. i say 10.5, they say i dont think so. so i waited thee entire time for a shoe they didn’t have in my size. i didn’t sweat it much since im trying to save money and all. couldn’t go home empty handed after a night of some what wackness, picked up a size 11.5 in anyones interested!

here are the photos from the event.

he waits till moring to put his couzy snow pants on
-_-” />

tank you, come again!

thanks come again


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