OTW launch party: UBIQ

-A.Z. Wallace

Im not really a blogger, first one since december, but this event was way to good to pass. So casually browsing hypebeast.com on a random thursday afternoon, i noticed a mini banner at the top of the screen advertising OTW. So im like word, ill check it out. Already being a fan of the otw advocates as an artist and photographer. It ended up being a blog for them and while scrolling i noticed they were headed to New York City. Me thinking it was pretty cool, i scrolled down a little more an saw they were headed to philly. Slightly hyped, i continued to read for the date. Once i saw the date it was being i held, i rushed to see what the days date and if i had missed it or not. Psyched not to be bummed for missing it, it was the next day. At that point i knew forsure that the night of the party would be a night to remember, simply because of the grace of god for me to see it at the last minute.

So Friday comes and i head down around 9, arriving at the location around 10 something. Literally took me like 45 minutes to find a freakin parking spot.. I normally would be over it for taking so long and would go skate philly or go home, but i knew the opportunity were to good to pass up. My main reason and mission for going, was to meet Atiba Jefferson. He is like the most well known skate photographer of our time. Finally parked and inside UBIQ, i see one of my dudes J-Atcheli and say what ups and immediately ask if “The Blackouts” were still there, yes. then headed up stairs in pursuit. it was nuts, tons of heads.

Finally after the navigating my way through the hypebeast, hipsters and party goons, i reach the Dj booth. To my surprise whos on the Table.

Settling down, took some party vibe photos.

Spotted Eric and Dimitri

Pete Rock called next.

Had to get the two halves of the black outs. AKO and Atiba Jefferson. They were really good dudes.

Party ended, and UBIQ was kicking everyone out like a riot, i wasn’t going anywhere. thank god i looked legit enough with all my camera gear with me, so i stayed after with all the important people. you know how i do 😉


HADD to get a photo with atiba, current best and future next 😉

Atiba and Dimitri.

THE ENDER. last shot with the fellas, shotgun beer photo.

OVERALL, seriously one of the best nights of my life. Living out in Snoresville PA. and always being bored out of my mind and knowing what my lifestyle is totally capable of being and for me to have a taste of it was fantastic. Even thou i am going to give it %200 percent to get where i want to be, that night was just a reassurance i will use the next time im down and in need of motivation. Just want to thank all the OTW advocates and especially Atiba for being open and inviting that night. And Its one thing thats really funny about the night, ive neevvverr had the taste buds beer, thou ive developed the tolerance. But Ako passed me a beer and it was literally the first beer ive ever enjoyed. Best sign ever. This is how beer taste when your on top.




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