Bethlehem Skate Plaza GRAND OPENING


After all the hard work Andrew Po, HOMEBASE skate shop, the town of Bethlehem and who ever else helped with contributing to this fine yet incomplete plaza. ITS FINALLY HERE! On behalf of all the skaters we would like to say thanks.

Heres the recap of the 2nd day of the grand opening, July 17th 2010. The day was marked for skateboarding only and hosted events such as a demo featuring pros/ams- Josh kalis, wes kremer, ishod wair, tom asta and many other rippers. Also skate shop only competitions such as a Game of Skate, best trick on different obstacles through out the park, as well as autograph signings, raffles and ofcourse the product toss for the kids.

Heres some of the highlights of the event.

Jeff Pang attended

??? hahaha^
ISHOD WAIR and others killing it during the demo.

chuckles was gracious enough to make an appearance

kinetic skate shops ian coughlan represented them in the game of skate.

tom asta represented for reign skate and was declared the winner amongst all shops, knocking out brian peacock in the final match.

Kinetic co-owner Brannon took first in best trick on the clam shell. (frontside flip above)

Start of the final obstacle comp. the use of the gap, down rail and hubba.

ishod wair steps in for REIGN skate for this event.
and took the win with the best trick consisting of a switch big heal board.!/video/video.php?v=1545006182668&ref=mf
cred-anthony travis

the infamous product toss.

.And with no surprise reign skate shop takes best overall team to win this friendly competition. Ishod wair winning best trick, and tom asta winning the the game of skate.

It was a great and beautiful day in the town of Bethlehem, pa. And had to be an even greater day for Andrew Po and the ones that had this vision years ago. And lets not forget the plaza is only about 1/3’s complete and they still need money to complete the whole thing!

For more photos from this event, ill be adding them on facebook in a few days.


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