it snowed when she smiled..

On saturday 1/29/10- i met up with the lovely ms. barker to drive around to look for a location to shoot. Took a while since im pretty picky but had to settle to save daylight. We found a spot by her college with a nice wintery feel and a blue billboard to use as a back drop. Great shoot, Its getting easier to get the model to portray what i want in a photo and to bring out their best. It even snowed for bit when the shoot started to progress and a since of comfortability was present. Good sign ehh

The next day, highly satisfied from the shoot, i told her id get her a boyfriend because of how beautiful she looked. She said she’d rather not be complicated with one and everythings a game that she would rather not play. She also said you cant be yourself right away, meaning you have to act like the “ideal person” so that the other is interested.

I stated, then whats the point.. Why waste the time on being what they want, hiding who you are, so when its time to be yourself, it’s a totally different person. Its like setting yourself up. Once the natural personality is exposed, the significant other might be appalled and left running away with their tail in between their legs when the “beast” is revealed . End result, A broken heart.

With that being said, id like to help her skip the time wasted of being who she thinks she has to be to maintain, by showing who she is in these photos. As cliché as it sounds, “be yourself” its works in the long run. You can go through endless relationships and encounters building on nothing, but its just building false hope. Id say just wait it out and keep your eyes open. Eventually you’ll find them, or realize, they were there all along. Not saying they don’t, but If a guy can’t appreciate a lady with brains, looks, and is humorously awkward, He’s not fit for much.

This message goes out to all.

And to all the girls like ms. barker.. “The sun rises and sets with you.”


Loving smile.

A girl with an appetite!

Easy going.

My favorite.

Nose picker!

Corny.. ha ha




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