my time at dcad.

dear followers.
sorry for not updating this much, my camera and a few lenses were stolen in new york city in february. i still have older stuff to post but nothing new for awhile. working on a new site aswell. also, i may continue this blog on tumblr. its much more simplistic and better social networking where you can actually follow me.

alright, so most of you know i attended delaware college of art and design this past fall semester and left to transfer to the Hallmark Institute in fall of 2011. it wasn’t the right school for me and wasn’t well thought out, more like a “why not im not doing anything else” i actually put in an application less then a month before the semester started and got accepted. definitely not a bad school, i just see more in my life and career and doubted if the school could help me enough. no regrets attending, besides the 6 grand i still owe. x____x i had a blast with good people despite living in the most boring city in the east coast. you get what you put in life depending how you spend it.
I barely took my camera out that semester due to lack of motivation and personal hiatus. i did manage shoot a few photos and actually got a days worth of photos erased by accident. i have alot more from halloween and a shit ton on my iphone of the best memories of fall semester in video and stills. still unsure of what ill do with. any suggestions? but heres a few for now.

sorry for grammatical errors above, i dont feel like proof reading -____- ill do it later.

our favorite meter maid… NOT

elysha got lucky using my camera haha.

my girl shelby 😉

school community service assign “capture the homeless”

roomate darian.

this is what you get when you have halloween at an art school

my main man latif, few connected like us.

the day i left 213



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2 responses to “my time at dcad.

  1. COOL PICs nice stuff you got there.

  2. Pantz

    I live in your apartment. O.o

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