greetings, welcome.

i havent talked much about the new site/photo blog im working on but this is it. this is going to be nothing like azsteezeshots which is more comercial. This blog is going to be a more core photography, and life stylistic. Mostly pertaining to my lifestyle, but also featuring interesting ordeals of people i associate with. its called T.L.O.M. keep reading for the diagnosis of the meaning.

this is t.l.o.m.?

its the the best part of your cereal. the last of the milk you haven’t consumed yet. the part that just cant be re-poured. something you have to wait for. once that time comes. you drink that shit like its the gold. but not too fast, enjoy it while it last. remember it.

like life. you cant always have the best times of your life when you feel its appropriate . you cant just create the the greatest memories on demand. life does not have a remote, and this isnt comcast. you gotta wait for it, dont rush it. let it come naturally. and when the time comes, you have to make the best out of it, love it and cherish it till the end. those great times dont come too often.

so the highlights of your life is like the brilliance of the of the. left. over. milk. in your bowl. (your life) so drink it up my friends. but enjoy it.

it will only get better


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