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think differently..

“the ones who see things differently. their not fond of rules, they have no respect for the status quo” – this line defines me to the max, as well as the video. Im filled with happiness because it finally feels like i have a place in life. This video is me. Ive had these thoughts for a while, prior to watching that clip. It just finally made since of it all, and what i could possibly accomplish.

This makes me feel like not alone for once. There are great people out there i can relate to, and follow then eventually meet morally.

Growing up, my life i felt apart from everyone. i dont know if misfit is the most defiant word of use, but ill use misunderstood. Unfortunately loneliness was its diagnosis because no one understood and understands
As i settled down, and maturity took its toll, the less i cared of being noticed, i guess i was some what acknowledged. Personality and skills surfaced, and my life is slowly beginning to flourish. But Its still plenty of others who choose not to understand. i saw on facebook, a person ive never met “Ki Realer”, posted a quote of oprahs “Folks don’t like you too proud or too free.” Im definitely not too proud, but the upmost of being humble. But i am too free. No one can stop me but god, but i doubt he would. Hes the sole purpose of my love of the world and what i do. The silent strength that keeps me going.

i dont care about most things. i guess thats why nothing honestly ever bothers me. Prone to discouragement. Most people cant stand to see others free spirited and pursuing happiness. It just stops them from relaxing and enjoying life. They’re too busy worrying about others to lead the good life they aren’t taking advantage of. They think it feels good from the bad they do, but really.. just living a lie.

Could you guys imagine myself as revolutionary as these great figures in the video. i dont mean to put myself on a pedestal, im not going to lie.. but i do feel conceited. Feelings this deep from heart can not be false. Feelings this strong will last till death, then in the hearts of the ones who undertand. I may not be as great as those figures, but I will impact this world in my life time. Through my words, or through my eyes.

I plan to move to california this month on down time after taking off the semester to save up for the Hallmark Institute of photography this upcoming September. i have a great feeling this time off will be the most epic time of my life before fully indulging in my profession as a photographer. So if anything bigs going on let me know, id love to tour with a skate team, music artist etc. as a photog. just putting that out there 😉

“I see the most beautiful things, and the most beauty in things.”

“your gona love me maaan”-cudi


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