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So after christmas 2010 in december, we were supposed to have a nice little snow storm, so i needed healthy food for the days i couldn’t drive (junk food and beer). I wasnt going to head out until it started to snow just incase it was a fluke

Anyways, after i arrived home after an success trip, the ground was covered and i had a flashback of the GAP ads ive seen instore. Great work and i really loved them. thought id go do a shoot in the snow and test my skill to what i saw. It was seconds noticed and was losing day light so i shot myself.

It was tough for a 1 man everything, i didnt do to many adjustments since i couldnt feel my fingers. just set up two flashes and adjusted them to ball park ratio’s judging by daylight. Did about two or three light readings and hustled back in fourth from the camera to location. Hard lighting, too windy for umbrellas etc. (no remote)


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