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i need a clone.. it would be 100x easier

Last night i was inspired to try something brilliant in terms of lighting. Im still a young grasshopper when it comes to it. Self taught, and obviously i learned from what i have studied on my own, or atleast until i attend the Hallmark Institute in the fall.

The goal on this shoot was to try and get as much as i could from the location of my livingroom as well as separately lighting myself. Trying to achieve a photo that didnt have any dull moments.

I don’t think much of 90% of the photos i take. mediocre. “good not great” I think there nice but i know i haven’t really tapped into what i can really bring out in them. Sort of like in school when you get a solid B when you know you could of got an A. I guess this time is more like my training time. My photos are just test shots. Now nothing really counts in terms of perfection you know. Im aiming to perfect, what counts now is productivity. ill be ready for the big fight in the industry soon.

Self portraits are most troublesome. back and forth, shooting, adjusting. Its a one man show. if there were only two of me..


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